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First Point Noosa is renowned worldwide as one of the world’s finest surf breaks, but it is currently buried under hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of sand.

Positioned within the internationally recognised Noosa World Surfing Reserve, it's perfectly formed waves have been a magnet to surfing families since it first began appearing in surf movies and magazines in the early 1960s. But it breaks no more.

Due initially to the effects of offshore sand dumping, followed by sand pumping by the Noosa Council, and two recent sand flow deposits following flooding, we need a pause to future sand-pumping to allow First Point and Little Cove to recover naturally.

We are calling on interested parties and the surfing public from across Australia and around the world to help us Save First Point.


The Save First Point Action Group calls on the Noosa Council to cease all future sand pumping onto the area known as First Point at Noosa Heads – and to work with interested groups to find a solution to the present situation.

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